Nearly Impossible Question - November 2019

November 22nd

Tuesday night between 11 pm & 12 midnight is the most popular time for online purchases of WHAT?

Answer: Black socks.

November 21st

If you're like the average person, it'll take you 32 seconds to do IT. What is it?

Answer: Pull out of a parking place.

November 20th

Humans eat about 1.5 million tons of THIS each year. What is it?

Answer: Crab.

November 19th

Book industry experts say THIS will be the top-selling book of 2019. What book is it?

Answer: The Bible; the best-selling book every year.

November 18th

THIS lasts for 32 miles, then you throw it away. What is it?

Answer: Pencil.

November 15th

The average person rates themselves a 7 out of 10 on the scale of WHAT?

Answer: Kindness.

November 14th

In every U.S. state, men do THIS more than women do, except in West Virginia. What is it?

Answer: Smoke.

November 13th

One in four adults, sleeps with one. What?

Answer: A stuffed animal.

November 12th

Although it should have five, but China only has one. What?

Answer: Time zones.

November 11th

Researchers say infidelity is not the leading cause of divorce. While an affair can destroy a marriage, the main reason for divorce is THIS. What?

Answer: Money.

November 8th

The U.S. Department of Agriculture reports the average American eats 8 1/2 pounds of THIS each year. What?

Answer: Pickles.

November 7th

A study found that men with IT make almost 8% more per year than men without IT. What is IT?

Answer: Facial hair; mustache & beard.

November 6th

The Turkey does two things better than humans, what are they?

Answer: Hear and see.

November 5th

An average person spends six minutes today doing this. What is it?

Answer: Using 'hesitant speech like, "um" or "err" or "uh".

November 4th

You will do this 2,500 times this year. What is it?

Answer: Visit the bathroom.

November 1st

More money is spent on this hobby than any other. What's the hobby?

Answer: Gardening.

Janine Wolf

Janine Wolf

Janine Wolf


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