Help Homeless During This Cold Weather by Giving Them Gloves

While I was driving through the snow this morning on my way to work, I saw a homeless woman carrying her "stuff", cross the street to try to use the public bathroom down at Waterfront Park. The door was locked, and she looked so distressed. I noticed that she wasn't wearing gloves, and it was 29 degrees outside. I wished I had extra gloves in my car that I could give to her. It's funny, because I've noticed inexpensive gloves at places like Fred Meyer and even JoAnn Fabric, and thought of buying some, just for that reason, but didn't. I'll admit that this morning's situation made me cry. So as soon as I can, I'm going to get a bunch of gloves; it's just a simple gesture, that will mean so much. If you have any blankets you don't need, those are always a welcome gift as well. I'm not suggesting you jump out of your car to hand out gloves to homeless, or enter homeless camps to do it. Instead, to be safe, you can donate to Portland Rescue Mission or another non-profit of it's type.

For Portland Rescue Mission click HERE