Dehydration Causes These Symptoms

It's important to drink water anytime, but especially in the summer. If you don't drink enough water, then you'll see the symptoms.

  1. Persistent headaches
  2. Sluggish bowel function
  3. Dull skin
  4. Fatigue
  5. Weight gain
  6. Dry mouth

When these things start to happen, you need to really look at whether or not you're getting enough water every day.

I have a lot of people who tell me that they just can't drink that much water or they don't like the taste of water. The more water you drink, the more your body will want. Help change the taste by putting lemon in your water, or cucumber and mint, or apples and cinnamon sticks. There are loads of recipes online to flavor your water. You'll get the hang of it.

(FreeP) Photo: Getty

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