Tough Plants That Can Take Nearly Anything Nature Throws at Them

Old tree with beautiful branch

The toughest plants are usually native species that have lived in your area for thousands of years, so they're well adapted to your local growing conditions. They tend to have deeper and more extensive root systems than non-native plants, which helps them reach water farther down in the soil and withstand less than ideal growing conditions like heat waves and drought.

Penstemon. Drought tolerant, handles heavy clay soils, doesn’t mind the heat of summer or unpredictable winters.

Other plants include: hostas, black-eyed susans, and catmint

Plants for your garden: sage, thyme, brambles like blackberries and raspberries, rhubard, asparagus, rosemary, lavender

Drought tolerant: cacti, succulents

Trees: oaks and lindens are slower growing, so drought-tolerant and pollinator-friendly. There are many to choose from so use a native one.

(BHG) Photo: Getty/ak_phuong