K103 Honor Roll Recognizes Outstanding Teacher Jeff Schroeder

K103 and Concordia University are pleased to honor and support outstanding educators making a difference in the lives of students in their schools each month. Congratulations to this month’s honored educator, Jeff Schroeder, Theatre Director at Sam Barlow High School in Gresham, Oregon!

Jeff Schroeder was nominated by several members of the Sam Barlow High community! Here are just a few of the kind words from his nominations:

  • Mr. Schroeder is always there for his students more than any other teacher I know. He built our theater program into a safe place where we can all share our talents. Because of him, we are widely known program. He does so much like spend late night working on sets and teaching us all the skills we need to be successful. Now granted, he’s no math or science teacher, but he means ten times more to all of us than any other student we know. This is a teacher who needs to be recognized. Thank you.
  • I am an alum of Mr. Schroeder who now sits on the board of the non-profit that supports Barlow Performing Arts called the VIPS. He was so impactful in my life, I stuck around for years after I graduated, to give back to him and the program he created. He gave me a purpose.
  • Jeff Schroeder creates an amazing home for everyone who seeks it. He's an amazing teacher that treats his students with respect. He's also our school's director for our musicals and plays. He has a mastery for directing and he knows how to inspire his actors.
  • Mr. Schroeder continuously helps students to go down the right path and follow their dreams. He is supportive and caring towards all of his students and allows us to be ourselves.

Congrats, Jeff, from all of us at K103! Get to know Mr. Schroeder through his Q&A below.

How many years have you been teaching?

I am just finishing my 5th year teaching.

Why did you choose a teaching career?

I love directing theatre and helping people find their passion, seeing them develop as artists and grow as people. 

Why High School students?

Teenagers involved in the arts get it. They get friendship, hard work, dedication and they are authentic to the core. They say it how it is yet are still young enough to play, laugh and dream. They inspire me every day. 

Tell us about your theater training.

I was heavily involved in music and theatre in high school and received a Bachelor’s degree in Theatre Arts with a minor in Vocal Music, followed by Master’s degree in Teaching from Portland State University. I have acted professionally in musical theatre and have been a director, producer and designer for over 18 years, having worked on over 40 theatrical productions in my career.

What do you love most about your job?

1. Working with my wife Amber (she teaches Choir at Barlow) and seeing my own children enjoy the theatre program.

2. The magical process of theatre from the page to the stage, from auditions to opening night.

3. Seeing the students grow from Freshman year to graduation. 

I am truly blessed. 

The K103 Honor Roll is powered by Concordia University, with support from CTLK103, Concordia University and CTL thank all the amazing educators who make our schools great! Each month during the school year, K103 will honor a local educator with a spot on the K103 Honor Roll. Each honored educator receives:

  • $500 Gift Card from Concordia University for school supplies
  • Concordia University Continuing Education Scholarship valued at $2800
  • $2500 Technology Grant from CTL for new Chromebooks and Chromeboxes
  • Engraved Commemorative Plaque
  • Catered lunch for the teacher's lounge from Jersey Mike's

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