Have You Heard About the "All In" Challenge?

To enter, go to Fanatics.com. There you can buy entries to each contest, starting at $10. The more you give, the more chances to win you get.  

There are the sweepstakes, but there are some auctions for the more high stakes offers, and those are different, but the highest bid wins. Some of the latest "All In Challenge" Sweepstakes offers include:

1.  Justin Bieber: He sings "One Less Lonely Girl" at your house.

2.  Drake: Four tickets to a Drake concert nearest your hometown, a private party with Drake and his crew, and round-trip airfare on Air Drake.

3.  Jimmy Kimmel: The winner will join Kimmel's band, Cleto and the Cletones, on stage, and be announced as a musician in the band for one day.

4.  Ellen DeGeneres: Serve as Ellen's co-host on "Ellen".

5.  Kevin Hart: Get a speaking role in Kevin's next movie.

6.  Justin Timberlake and Bill Murray: Golf at Pebble Beach with Justin and Bill.

7.  Jamie Foxx: Walk-on role for his new show, "Dad, Stop Embarrassing Me".

8.  Jonah Hill: Spend a day directing a movie and having lunch with Jonah.

9.  Major League Baseball: Throw out the first pitch at a World Series game. You and a guest also get tickets to the game.

10.  Philadelphia Eagles: One winner will attend Eagles training camp and one pre-season game, where you'll get to design and call out a play.

11.  Mark Cuban: Sign a one-day contract to join the Dallas Mavericks in a preseason game, where you can shoot a free throw.

12.  Robin Thicke: Robin and you will work together to write and record a LOVE SONG for you and your special someone.

And some of the "All In Challenge" Auctions include:

1.  Tom Brady: Attend the Tampa Bay Buccaneers home opener . . . receive Tom's first game-worn jersey . . . and join him for either dinner or a workout.

2.  Magic Johnson: Go to L.A. to play H.O.R.S.E. with Magic at the Staples Center, and Magic will come to your town and spend one hour with you . . . going to dinner or just hanging out.

3.  Peyton Manning: Golf and dinner with Peyton in your hometown. It'll be at a local restaurant, with you and up to 10 friends. The golf outing would just be you, your two guests, and Peyton.

4.  Alex Rodriguez: A one-hour private batting lesson, and you'll also get to keep his 2009 World Series Replica trophy.

There are more at Fanatics.com. Almost all of them have videos from the celebrities, along with specific rundowns of all the prizes. Most of the sweepstakes and auctions will remain open for at least a couple weeks. And it sounds like they'll keep adding more and more offers.Last we checked, Fanatics said the challenge had raised over $7.4 million.

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