How Can You Make the Jobs of Grocery Delivery People Easier?

Here are five ways to help them out the next time you order groceries 

1. Be good about tipping.  There's been a problem with "tip-baiting," where people add a big tip, and then change or remove it later. Also, don't punish them just because your order takes longer, or some things are out of stock. And try not to tip cash, because they'd rather not touch it.

2. Have your phone nearby. They might need to text or call you with a question, or to check your address. If you don't answer, it might cause a delay.

3. Don't try to hoard stuff. They have to follow the same rules you do. So if there's a limit on things like toilet paper or Clorox wipes, don't try to order 20 of them.

4. Avoid contact. Don't offer to help them unload or make them bring stuff inside for you. Let them leave your bags outside, so there's no face-to-face interaction.

5. Lighten your order if possible. Get what you need, but try not to include too many heavy items all at once. They're dealing with a lot of big orders, and their backs are feeling it. So keep that in mind before you stock up on big bags of dog food or cases of soda. 

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