What Do Mom's Want for Mother's Day THIS year?

1. Gift cards. The top cards they want are for online retailers, big box stores, coffee, clothing and future spa or beauty treatments.

2. Flowers.

3. Personal care items.

4. Housewares. Including small appliances and decorative stuff.

5. Clothing.

6. Tickets to an event. Just make sure it's well into the future.

7. Jewelry.

8. Books.

Remember: Stacey and Mike are taking your "Letter to Mom" and reading them on the K103 each morning to honor your mom through Mother's day! Submit you letter (103 words or less, please). One lucky mom receives the Grand Prize: gift cards from Kern Park Flower Shoppe, Zama Massage, Branches Uncommon Cards & Curious Finds and Limelight Restaurant & Lounge. Complete details at K103.com.

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