Tips for a Better Staycation!

Here are Four Tips to Make the Most of a Staycation

1. Separate yourself from work. Way too many of us still check in at work when we're on vacation. But it's especially important to take a mental break and recharge this year. So set up your out-of-office email, and try to truly unplug from work.

2. Knock out any household chores ahead of time. Like laundry or cleaning up, so they won't interfere with relaxation time. If you want to use your time to tackle a few projects, that's fine. Just make sure you have time to unwind too.

3. Plan something special you'll look forward to. Like camping out in the backyard, or a do-it-yourself spa day. Whatever it is, just plan something you can get excited about.

4. Take pictures. You should treat a staycation the same way you'd treat a normal vacation. Take pictures and post stuff on social media. One day, you might look back on this weird moment in history and wish you had more photos to document it.

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