I Know That Song! But Do You?

Join us weekdays at 7:10 and see if you know "that song". Every day we uncover some cool facts you may not know about your favorite songs. Like today...

This song from 1983 is still heard on the radio and in commercials. The lead singer says the band fully realized how annoying the song was but it was impossible to get out of your head. She says radio "DJs loved it but they used to talk right over the bloody drum intro. 'You’re listening to WKRP in Cincinnati,' they’d say and kick it in where I go: “Ow!” I’d been this sulky goth and suddenly I was “Chrissie Hynde with a smile” fronting “the new Monkees”. The song changed my life. I’ve ended up adoring it."

We bet she adores it, she and her bandmates retained the rights and the royalties from airplay and ads are some of the highest for any song. Estimates show the song still raking in $1 million a year for the ten years ending in 2010.

One more thing you probably didn't know about today's "I Know That Song" song? It's the only highlight from Mike's prom. His date wasn't pleased that he failed his driving test and they had to double up with another couple for a ride. But when Katrina & The Waves came on with "Walking on Sunshine" she ran out to the dance floor and started dancing. Without him. Sorry Mike.

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