I Know That Song! The One That Changed Rod Stewarts Life

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1988 was a great year! You could pick up a nice dot matrix printer for $189 bucks at Radio Shack. A sweet Volkswagen Rabbit was only 7 grand. And today’s song was a top 20 hit on the radio along with Taylor Dayne and Erasure.

The lyrics in this song are very similar to a Bob Dylan song of the same title. After its completion, the song was then sent to Dylan, asking whether he had a problem with it. The two men agreed to participate in the ownership of the song and share royalties.

This singer has a special spot in his heart for this song, “that was a real heartfelt song about my kids. I suddenly realized I'd missed a good five years of Sean and Kimberly's life because I was so busy touring all the time. With these kids now I don't make that mistake -- I take them on tour with me, so I can watch them grow up.”

Glee fans remember when Will Shuester, Mr. Shue, performed it on the 3rd season finale. In The Office episode "Garden Party" from season 8, Andy's dad and brother (Josh Groban) sing this as a duet.

And who could forget that classic Pampers commercial that featured animals with their young.

The song my friend is Forever Young by Rod Stewart. But then you knew that!

~Stacey & Mike

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