Want to make Fridays More Fun Working From Home?

Simple Tricks for for A More Fun Work at Home Friday!

Make it a No-Meetings Day - If you’re the boss, try this idea so employees can focus on projects without disruptions and if you’re further down the totem pole, let your manager know you want them to try it out, even every other week if not weekly.

“Find out Fridays” - Get to know a staff member with a “Find Out Fridays” Q&A where one person is the subject and everyone asks questions and responds to their answers.

Treat staff to a team-bonding event - Even if you can’t get together in person, there are still ways to have fun together. Some companies are ordering cocktail kits for employees to make a drink simultaneously, others are giving gardening kits for workers to make a terrarium together virtually and one firm is offering a gaming stipend for a team of employees to play Animal Crossing or another game together.

Make it a “Yay Day!” - Ideas for a monthly “Yay Day” include hosting a virtual scavenger hunt, a group meditation or yoga class to unwind, or a book club discussion.

Belt it out - Do you work with folks that have serious vocal chops? Have your team collaborate on a company anthem and do a virtual class from SongDivision to come up with original music and lyrics.

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