I Know That Song! The One Where The Dolphins Made Him Cry

Welcome and Happy Friday. If you missed it at 7:10am we play I Know That Song every day - we give you some fun facts about a song you've known and loved for years.

Today's song is a tribute to Bob Dylan. It contains lyrics from various Dylan songs. Apparently, Dylan wasn’t feeling flattered so much as he was litigious. He sued the group for unauthorized use of his lyrics and scored a large, out-of-court settlement in 1995.

The lyric: "I'm such a baby 'cause The Dolphins make me cry," was used by fans of the Miami Dolphins who had lots to cry about in the ensuing years as the team often struggled to make the playoffs.

Ted - the bear from the 2015 Mark Whalberg movie TED sang this song at karoake. "This is how everybody sang in the '90s”, he said.

And of course the source of Monica's hickey on that episode of Friends where Monica, Ross and Chandler snuck out to the Hootie concert without the others and ended up going backstage.

What a different, easy world it was 25 years ago! Here it is, Hootie's Only Wanna Be With You.

Have a great weekend and thanks for listening to our little show :)

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