I Know That Song! The One Resurrected in 794k Tik Tok Videos This Year

2020 started out great for this artist. His one hit wonder from 1984 became a tik tok dance and has now been used in almost 794,000 videos 

This guy paid for the recording session himself when he rented an overnight studio from the same guy who produced Quiet Riot records.

You probably don't think of racketeering when you hear this song, but it was involved in some shady business. "Private I Records", which released the song, was owned by Joe Isgro, who was the subject of a federal investigation that lasted from 1986 until charges against him were dropped in 1996. 

Isgro was charged with Payola, with the government claiming that he essentially paid radio stations to play songs from the label, including this song. Says this artist, "I remember there was some back room drama with the charts and Joe's ability to do what he does, or did - some of which he wound up in jail for."

That uplifting diddy of course is Matthew Wilder's Break My Stride.

You gotta click through to Youtube for this one and read the comments under the video. HA!

See ya back on the radio for I Know That Song tomorrow at 7:10a ~ Stacey & Mike

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