I Know That Song! The One Where The Band Name Checks Themselves

Every morning at 7:10 we dig for some fun nuggets you may not know about your favorite K103 songs.

Today's song went to #2 in 1986

Bands have referred to themselves in their song lyrics before ("In A Big Country," "Bad Company), but this is the only hit song we know of where the band name was used as a verb. This perplexed listeners and created a memorable catchphrase that etched the song in history. 

This song is also known for its frenetic video, which is full of extremely quick cuts between similar images, creating a dissonance that left some viewers literally sick.

Siedah Garrett sang backup on this track. The following year, she appeared on Michael Jackson's Bad album as the co-writer of "Man In The Mirror" and as Jackson's duet partner on "I Just Can't Stop Loving You."

Unfortunately On 25 June 2019, The New York Times Magazine listed these guys among hundreds of artists whose material was destroyed in the 2008 Universal fire.

Frasier Crane was ready for his bachelor party on the TV show Cheers. When Frasier enters the bar, he says, "I was listening to a rock and roll station on my way over to put me in the mood, and there was a passage from one of those trifling songs that I feel is the keynote this evening: Everybody have fun tonight, everybody Wang Chung tonight."

So turn it up and Wang Chung tonight...or now...ya know whenever you're reading this.

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