I Know That Song! The One With The Lead Singer's Daughter In The Video

Every morning at 7:10 we play "I Know That Song!" Listen for some cool hidden gems about the songs you've loved for years.

This power ballad from 1994 earned the band a Grammy Award for Best Rock Performance by a Duo or Group with Vocal.

The music video featured the third appearance of Alicia Silverstone in the band's videos, and was the career debut of the lead singer’s daughter, who’s Pantene commercial had caught the eye of the video creator.

The video ranked number 23 in VH1's Top 100 Music Videos of All Time. Despite all the love for the song the band rarely performed it on tour until 2007 due to overwhelming demand from fans.

Today's song is Crazy from Aerosmith. And you can continue the Alicia-a-thon with her other two Aerosmith vids.

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