I Know That Song! The One With Reverse Gendering

To 1982 we go with a powerhouse female singer. This song, like a previous hit of hers, was written by a man so she had to reverse gender it. But she pulled it off with lines like "baby take my hand, it'll be alright" which were typically delivered by the guy trying to comfort his damsel.

The video did a bit of reverse gendering as well. It shows her as a WWII flying ace doing her part to fight the Nazis while also singing from her aircraft. We find out at the end that she is really a riveter, and it was all a dream.

The singer married her guitarist 9 mos before this came out and he hated the idea of MTV videos saying Why would you do a song like this and have it be a war scene? This is horrible. Who thought this was a good idea? We made the rule that there would be no more historical costumes anymore after that video.

In 2015, the song was featured at the end of the Halloween episode of The Goldbergs.

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