12 Things You Should Never Put In Your Pantry

12 FOOD items THAT SHOULD NEVER GO IN THE PANTRY. And yep, Peanut Butter’s on that list.

According to the country’s top chefs, there's a bunch of food you shouldn't put in the pantry. Don't know about you but I'm over here wondering how my family is still alive after reading this!  

  • Nuts should be stored in the freezer or refrigerator due to moisture that could cause fungus. Maple syrup could also grow fungus. Cold-pressed oils, chocolate, cured meats, and who knew peanut butter should be put in the fridge? I've heard that one before but continue to keep peanut butter in the cupboard...its spreads easier. LOL
  • Bread, mustard, garlic-infused olive oil contains botulism so if definitely should be put in the refrigerator. Finally, chocolate chip cookies should be stored in the freezer or refrigerator until ready to be eaten. Frozen cookies are always yummy so I'm down with that!

How's your kitchen lookin right now?

Stacey Lynn

Close-up of an opened jar of creamy peanut butter

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