I Know That Song! The One About All The L.O.V.E.

Today's ballad started out much different from the song you know and love.

I went to #2 in 1982

This band had eleven Top 40 US hits, five of which have the word "Love" in the title. This song deals with the unrequited love of a singer who feels lost without the object of his affection.

There was a cultural issue with the original lyrics in the song. Originally it was, 'I'm all out of love, I want to arrest you.' Which meant, 'I want to get your attention.' In Australia nobody questioned it, and it was a #1 song in Australia in '78. 

When US record execs heard that, they said, 'Oh, no, that's too weird.' But it had already been a hit. They said, 'In America they won't understand that.' So the lead singer said, 'What about 'I'm all out of love, I'm so lost without you'?' And the record company execs thought, Yeah, that sounds great. And so it goes...Air Supply is "All Out Of Love"...I'm so lost without you.

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