I Know That Song! The One Recorded for SJP Rom-Com

Wake up and learn something with us daily at 7:10 with "I Know That Song." But don't worry there won't be a pop quiz later.

Today's song went to Number One in 1993.

This song was originally the most popular and famous "love song” for Elvis Presley which, by the way, was not sung to his love interest in the movie, Blue Hawaii - It was sung to Elvis’ grandmother on the occasion of her birthday. He presented her with a music box, which she opened and it played the song, which Elvis then sang along with.

This band was asked to record an Elvis tune of their choice for a new film called Honeymoon In Vegas. But when they presented the song, they learned that a few other acts had recorded the same song, another group's version made it into the film, and Bono's version ended up on the soundtrack album, even though it wasn't in the film.

Speaking of Bono, this band is similar to U2 and ZZ Top in that they have managed to maintain a steady lineup for 30 years. While they did use session musicians and certain members pursued solo careers, the band really never had to replace any members.

Today's song is "I Can't Help Falling In Love" by UB40.

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