Eat at Restaurant Safely!

Here are four tips on how to stay as safe as possible

1. Bring hand sanitizer. You'll want to clean your hands as soon as you sit down. But using the bathroom comes with its own risks. So some experts say it's better to wash before you leave the house, and just use hand sanitizer at the table.

2. Never set your mask down on the table. You never know how well they cleaned it. So it's better to just pull your mask down, or leave it in your pocket or purse. If you want to be really careful, bring a small paper bag to put it in while you eat.

3. Do you need to put your mask back on between bites? Probably not. Most experts agree that handling your mask too much is riskier than leaving it off while you're eating. The only time you might want to put it back on is when you're talking to your server. But as long as they're wearing a mask, it's fairly safe.

4. Make sure you trust the people you're eating with. Obviously don't meet up with anyone who's recently been exposed to the virus. And be picky about who you hang out with in general. If your friend went to a huge party and played beer pong on Labor Day, maybe do dinner another time.

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