I Know That Song. The One That Launched A Career

Today’s song made it to number 7 in 1987 and was originally written for Madonna but ended up being recorded by Leslie Wunderman...otherwise known by a much more famous name back in the late eighties. When in high school, this artist was in a band with three other girls who called themselves Felany. She remembers one of the girls asking her, "If you could have any name in the whole wide world, what would it be?" And that’s when she came up her current stage name. 

This singer was nominated for a Grammy Award for Best Pop Vocal, Female for her performance on this song back in 1988.

The video featured her with two back-up dancers; one of them being “Cats” musical star Jeffrey Pavey. The singer herself was also ranked number 18 on Rolling Stone's list of the best female dance artists of all time.

She also topped my list for best 80's hair. I mean that VOLUME! Mine was flat no matter how much Aqua Net I used.

It's Taylor Dayne of course. With Tell It To My Heart. Is it your jam like Cheeto Dad?

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