I Know That Song: The One Britney Sings To At Start Of "Crossroads" Movie

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Today's song was number one in 1986. This very nearly became a Temptations song, but when the R&B group heard that this superstar was also recording it, they lost interest. Song was actually written for Cyndi Lauper, but she never got to hear the demo. 

When this artist recorded it, she altered some lyrics, because of course SHE did, and added a bassline which made it more of a dance track. The original song title "Follow Your Heart" was taken from the name of a health food restaurant local to Canoga Park, California. (btw Follow Your Heart's ranch is the closest non-dairy thing to ranch dressing Stacey has ever tasted- New Seasons has it!)

Interestingly Cyndi and this artist were often pitted against each other in the 80’s because they were the two biggest female pop stars. Lauper said in a recent interview they never engaged in that "I think she has different chops [than me]. I think everybody's different”

Today’s artist was a big influence on Britney Spears, and in 2002 this song was used at the beginning of Spears' movie Crossroads, where she sings along to this song. 

Of course we're talking about Madonna.

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