This Girl's Version of Dreams Will Blow. You. Away.

We have a new obsession and had to share her with you. I keep hitting play on this because as you may or may not know Stevie Nicks is my spirit animal. But...Lanie here is heaven-sent and her version of Stevie's (Fleetwood Mac's) Dreams just blows. my. mind.

The choices this 21 year old girl from Nashville makes in this song are stunningly beautiful. There was no big record label behind her, no producer to tell her what to do with the song. The choices she makes are hers and they are perfectly unique and fresh. What a beautiful new way to hear a song we've all heard a million times.

The great news is Mick Fleetwood has seen this and loved it. AND so did Kevin Jonas Sr, father of the Jo Bros. So much so that he signed her to Jonas Group Entertainment.

I don't know what's next for Lanie Gardner but I'm here for every second of it. Go Lanie!

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