What Zoom Persona Do You Embody?

What’s your Zoom Persona? 

After seven months of staring at co-workers in little boxes on your screen - we’re experiencing “Zoom fatigue.” A term that pops up in Google searches about 500,000 times. After all this time most of us have settled into our online persona. Which category do you fall into? 

The lurker: that one guy who never turns on his camera. Experts say if everyone else is showing their face so should you.

The pirate: There’s nothing more irritating than the person who constantly hijacks the meeting and steers it off-topic. Time is precious!

The social butterfly: They want an invite to every Zoom call, they’re besties with everyone. 

The narcissist: Meet the individual who won’t stop staring at themselves on the screen. They keep adjusting their collar and hair and making faces at themselves and are most likely not hearing a thing you’re saying.

The joker: The ability to be funny on cue is a huge business asset. But it has to be one joke, not a stand-up act and it should be at the expense of yourself, not others in the meeting.

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