I Know That Song! The One That Makes Michelle Pfeiffer Blush

Number 1 from 2015. It spent the most time, 21 weeks, in the Hot 100's top three of any song. The record was previously held by Santana's "Smooth" with 19 weeks. The official creator of the song is British record producer Mark Ronson from his fourth studio album featuring a multitalented American singer and songwriter who headlines the smash and gets co-writing credit because he planted the seed for the song when he came up with a riff during a freestyle studio session.  

This song was the subject of several lawsuits over copyright infringement. Most notable in 2015 with similarities to "Oops Up Side Your Head" (1979) by The Gap Band led them that band to be added as co-writers of today’s song where they received 17% of the publishing royalties.

The song mentions Michelle Pfeiffer, which is seemingly random considering the actress hadn't been in any blockbuster movies in a while.

The reference in this song relates to her role in the movie Scarface because one of the song’s writers was infatuated with the actress when he was younger.

Pfeiffer was asked about the reference. She replied:

"I was incredibly flattered. It was very cool. It was a little embarrassing at times. You know, carpool with the kids and the song comes on and my son's like… [Cringing]. Or I'm in exercise class, and the song comes on and ...sigh...But yeah, I love the song."

This song was the best-selling single of 2015 in both the US and UK.

An early version of this song was deemed so bad it ended up in the virtual trash can on this singer’s Mac. According to Rolling Stone, this version had him shouting, "Burn this BLEEP down." He told the magazine: "We spent months on that chorus. Then one day it was like, 'Maybe we don't have a chorus.'"

Ronson and this artist performed this song at the halftime show of the 2016 Super Bowl, which was headlined by Coldplay. The crew did some Hammer-dancing to the song before yielding to Beyoncé, before Chris Martin joined them to close out today’s song...Uptown Funk

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