Families Trying On Some New Holiday Traditions This Year

If you're looking for new traditions, maybe try these:

The top new tradition for 2020 will be dropping surprise presents on the doorstep of loved ones (45%).

  • Others include:
    • Zoom/video meals with extended family (43%)
    • Having a day where they all disconnect from their devices (40%)
    • Making our own decorations for our home (37%)
    • Baking a specific recipe together (36%) 

Mike's family has fun with their tradition of Darth on the Hearth. (like Elf on a Shelf)

Stacey has a Christmas puzzle going on the kitchen table as a place to sit down for a few minutes and congregate throughout the season. And a rousing round of Pictionary, which is a fun one to do via zoom with relatives outside your immediate bubble.

OH and there's always the Christmas Rom-Com-Athon found on both Hallmark Channels, Lifetime, and Netflix.

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