I Know That Song! The One That Beat Out Thriller For 1984 VMA Of Year

Today's song is from 1984. You would've found this one in the New Wave section of the record store. The song was produced by Shania Twain’s Ex, Mutt Lange, but the video is what everyone remembers most. It was one of the first to use computer graphics. The video features the band leader and model Susan Gallagher in a series of weird encounters. It was state of the art in in 84 but now something you could easily do on an iPhone.

It won big that year at the MTV Video Music Awards, beating both Michael Jackson’s Thriller and Herbie Hancock’s Rockit videos.

Weezer's cover of this first appeared in commercials for CARS 2 and the film's theatrical release.

Today’s song was from this band's most successful album. An album that almost didn’t happen because the band had broken up. But in 1984 they reunited and knocked out a string of hits like Magic, Hello Again, Drive ...And today’s song that, as we mentioned, broke all music video barriers winning the VMA that beat out Thriller.

The video cost $80,000 to produce, which was almost triple the average music-video budget of the time.

The band broke up again four years later and the lead singer promised a reunion would never happen. Never ended up being 2010 when the surviving members of the band reunited to record the album Move Like This, which was released in May 2011, followed by a short tour.

Alas no more reunions. The lead singer passed away in 2019 while recovering from surgery. It became a huge story because his famous model wife who was caring for him at the time found out he’d taken her out of his will. 

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