I Know That Song! The One With the "Air Keyboards"

Today’s song was inspired by nothing but relationship drama and strife. Two of the band members were going through painful and costly divorces and everyone decided to use that anguish to make something cathartic and positive, so they got to work on this song.

But the drama continued into the filming of the video, which was complicated by the presence of the lead singer’s then-girlfriend, Sherrie Swafford, on the set. 

Not only had the band been told that they could not bring wives or girlfriends to the shoot, the other members hated Swafford and her effect on their lead singer, which created tension. 

Rumor had it, Sherrie was pretty jealous of the model in the video, local model,Margaret Olmstead, and kept demanding she be taken out of it. "There was a big kicking and screaming session," one band member recalled later. 

The singer had also created drama over his personal appearance as he had just gotten his hair cut short, which other band members found inexplicable since the singer's previous hairstyle had been "rockin'."

The video, by the way, was heavily criticized by Beavis and Butt-Head, who complained that the video (CLIP) and ridiculed the band’s fashion sense. This greatly upset the band, since they felt their videos had helped make MTV. In 1999 MTV chose it as 13th on its list of the 25 Worst Videos of All Time

Four guys in San Francisco from various rock backgrounds, including a member of Santana, formed a new band in 1973. 5 years later their iconic singer joined the band, and ten years later they released today’s song.  

Their worldwide sales have reached over 80 million records globally, making them one of the best-selling bands of all time.[13] A 2005 USA Todayopinion poll named Journey the fifth-best U.S. rock band in history

The air guitar and air keyboards on this classic video were pretty impressive...and highly mockable, as the band’s keyboardist says it’s something they will never live down. You might remember that quarantined family that went viral last year for their scene-for-scene recreation of the video. Enjoy them both now on our blog. 

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