I Know That Song! The One Where The Singer Fired The Whole Band

Today’s song was the second single from their self titled album in 1987. This one would have gone to Number one like the first single did but that pesky George Michael smash Faith wouldn’t give up that top spot on the Billboard Hot 100

The lead singer and guitarist wrote this power ballad in the gorgeous south of France during a planned creative session to write something for Tina Turner. But when it was finished the record label president David Geffen said, this is great you guys need to record this for your album.

By the time this music video was filmed, the lead singer David Coverdale had fired everyone in the band so he’s the only member in the video that also starred his model wife Tawny Kitean. This actually was the case for all the band's videos that year.

Today’s song came from the British singer/songwriter who started his career as the lead singer of Deep Purple- one of the pioneers of heavy metal. He went solo in the late 70’s and eventually formed today’s band, which he then fired the year today’s album came out in 1987.  

A big part of their success was due to their videos and the lead singer's wife who appeared in them. He said “MTV was an entirely new kettle of fish and they just took to the band hugely. I guess we had all the elements that they wanted. So we had a five-year, unbelievable relationship with MTV and it worked out very, very well for us” 

Amazon Prime used today’s song in a 2019 commercial where a new mom is ordering diapers on her phone and comes across a beautiful blue chair. This song started playing asking her….”Is this love?”

It’s Whitesnake. Is this Love? I know that song!

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