I Know That Song! The One That Won '87 Pop Performance Grammy

During hiatuses from supergroup Genesis, Mike Rutherford had been pursuing a solo career, however, he found the process of recording a solo album excessively difficult, and the results artistically unsatisfying. But he still felt that working only with Genesis would leave him unfulfilled. 

So he formed a setup similar to the one used by Steely Dan: Instead of a tight-knit band , today’s group was a vehicle for the songwriting of Rutherford. Various session keyboardists, drummers, guitarists, and even lead vocalists often performed on the songs in place of the official band members. 

Today’s song was released as a single in early 1986 in the USA, where it reached number 5 on the Billboard Hot 100.The song was sung by Paul Young (Not to be confused with the Paul Young who sang “Everytime you Go Away”) In an interview prior to the song's release as a single, Rutherford commented, "The thing that makes [this song] different, to me, is that it's a happy song – or it's primarily a happy song. It's 'up'. And I don't do that very often…”

The "Mike" in this band, Mike Rutherford, was best known for his work with Genesis, as we told you, but every member of Genesis embarked on other projects, with the solo efforts of Peter Gabriel and Phil Collins getting the most attention. 

But Rutherford did very well with with this group until the musical experiment began to fall apart in 1995 when rotating singer Paul Young died from a heart attack. 

The band regrouped in 2004 and featured singer Paul Carrack from the bands Ace and Squeeze. Carrack played a larger role than previous singers, performing all the band's lead vocals and keyboards and co-writing all the songs. 

Shortly after, however, Carrack became too involved with solo work to devote time to the group. In a 2007 interview Mike Rutherford stated that today’s group had "run its course."

Here are Mike and The Mechanics and “All I Need is a Miracle”. I Know That Song!

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