I Know That Song! The One That Reminds Us All How Strong We Are

One of the biggest inspirational anthems of 2015, but the singer says she didn’t mean for anyone else to hear it at first — and she wasn’t sure if anybody ever would.

"Ten months ago I was on a house concert tour in a van playing to like twenty or thirty people a night," the singer said in a later interview with ABC 

"I wrote the song when I was going through such a hard time and I needed to remember to believe in myself. ... So the fact that it's reached anyone other than me is really incredible."

It got more attention in January 2015 when the Baltimore radio station Mix 106.5 gave it some spins after a friend of Platten's played it for the station's program director, 

Many listeners Shazamed the song, trying to figure out who was singing it. This Shazam data demonstrated a great deal of interest in the song, and record companies took notice. 

Columbia Records signed her and released the song on their label in 2015. Now with major-label backing, the song, and Platten's career, took off, making it one of the first songs to break out because of Shazam.

Taylor Swift gave this song a big boost when she brought today’s singer out to duet on the song at a 2015 concert in Philadelphia. Swift met this singer a week earlier in Pittsburgh, and the pair had some fun singing the song backstage at Swift's concert. Taylor posted a clip of the hangout to her Instagram feed, which at the time had over 34 million followers.

Her inspirational performance of the song on ABC's Good Morning America in May 2015 earned her the Daytime Emmy award in the category of Outstanding Musical Performance in a Talk Show/Morning Program.

Hillary Clinton used this song at campaign events when she ran for president in 2016. Today’s singer stayed silent, figuring fans might be turned off if she took a political stance. It was a decision she would later regret. 

She told Esquire magazine, "I was terrified to speak up and say anything," "They chose my song and I did not choose that. Fame was so new to me, the little fame that I had was so new to me after 15 years of trying, but I was so terrified it could be taken away."

She added that because she didn't speak out, she didn't get to claim full credit for [today's song] Many thought it was a Kelly Clarkson or Taylor Swift song.

Funny side note:

in 2011 at my former radio station we had Rachel (four years before today's song blew up) and Matt Nathanson both visit us within a couple weeks of each other. And I got to spend some time with them both. The story that links them is funny and both were great sports about me bringing it up. Watch below. It's "STUNNING"


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