I Know That Song! The One From The Band Who Just Changed Their Name

Thanks for playing along with us weekdays at 7:10. It's always fun to dig into the archives for little known facts about some of the biggest songs we play on K103.

The lyrics of today’s song describe a "tortured romantic scenario" of a newly formed couple's relationship, and is even more effective because this group alternates on lead vocals between the male and female singer. It speaks of the couple who prefer not to take their romantic relationship further anytime soon, want to take things slow, and are satisfied with only a “goodnight kiss" FUN FACT: The band’s female lead said she was rejected from auditions for American Idol twice, not even making it past the first round.

The band explained that their original name, which had been a source of controversy for years and has since been changed, came from when the group did an early photo shoot in historical costumes at pre-civil war houses. 

In June of 2020, joining widespread commercial response to the George Floyd protests, the band announced it would abbreviate its name in an attempt to blunt the name's racist connotations.

The band members stated on social media that, never having previously seen the dictionary definition of the word they decided to shorten, they now consulted their "closest black friends and colleagues" so that their "eyes opened wide to the injustices, inequality and biases black women and men have always faced and continue to face every day. Now, blind spots we didn't even know existed have been revealed.”

The trio debuted this song live on May 5, 2011 on American Idol, which is sweet considering what we told you about the band’s female lead not even making it past the first round earlier in her career.

The song landed at #7 on the Billboard Hot 100 after its first week of release - the highest debut by a country group in the history of the chart.

This band’s secret weapon has always been having both a male and female lead vocalist, which they cashed in on bigtime with their earlier smash “Need You Now”

Band member Dave Haywood said it best: "One of the best things about writing for us is that we have the option to speak from both the man and woman's perspective because Charles and Hill can share lead vocals."

For Women’s History Month, Dress for Success just honored the female lead Hillary Scott as part of their 31 Days of Women in Power. Hillary: As a businesswoman and working mom, I think it is so important for us to rally together to support the Dress for Success.

It's Lady A, Just A Kiss. I Know That Song!

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