I Know That Song! The One Often Used To Teach Kiddos Piano

Today’s song originally went to number one in 1972 when Bill Withers released this simple smash hit, which is often the first song children learn to play on the piano because they don't have to change fingers. You just put your fingers in one position and go up and down the keyboard.

The simple appeal of the song is that it is relatable to anyone who has ever needed a helping hand. In fact, it has probably been used to raise more money for disaster relief than any other song: 

Kid Rock, Sheryl Crow, and Keith Urban performed a downbeat, emotional version of this song on the charity telethon, Hope for Haiti Now: A Global Benefit for Earthquake Relief in 2010.

Stevie Wonder, who inducted Bill Withers in the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame in 2015, opened the 2017 Hand In Hand Telethon with a performance of this song. The benefit was to assist victims of hurricanes Harvey and Irma.

And a group of about 25 Canadian artists, including Avril Lavigne, Bryan Adams, Justin Bieber, and Michael Bublé, teamed up to cover "Lean on Me" for charity. Released under the collective banner ArtistsCAN in April of last year, with all proceeds sent to support the Canadian Red Cross’ response to COVID-19.

We told you about the charity covers of this song, but It has also been covered by Tina Turner, Tom Jones and Al Green.Today’s version is a dance version, and a #1 hit for this band in 1987 who formed just a year earlier in Sacramento, California.

The group's name is French for "New Club" and their version of Bill Withers' song won a Grammy award for Best R&B Song in 1987.

It's Lean on Me by Club Nouveau - I Know That Song!

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