K103 Things To Do This Weekend (April 23-25)

The Wooden Shoe Tulip Festival is in FULL BLOOM! This is not a drill. I repeat: FULL BLOOM! But remember you MUST buy your tickets online ahead of time. Walk-ups aren't welcome this year due to Covid.

Grab your T-Rex loving littles and walk amongst life size dinosaurs at OMSI's Dinosaurs Revealed. See how they move, hear them roar, and explore their world throughout the Mesozoic Era.

While award show viewership is at an all time low, I still love doing this. Print out your own Oscar Ballot, pick your winners and pop some corn for The Oscars Sunday Night. (I know I haven't seen many of them either! That's what makes picking winners fun.)

Try out the new ride at Oaks Park. Brand new this year, the new AtmosFEAR is two rides in one! Take it over-the-top thrill of the 360° ride, or opt for the 180° ride for a pendulum experience.

and...Sign up now for next week's SOLV Downtown cleanup:

Plan ahead for Thursday to celebrate the end of Earth month by giving back to the environment and your community! Gather friends, coworkers, and neighbors for SOLVE’s Downtown Portland Litter Cleanup Day, happening Thursday, April 29th. This is what we were talking for former Mayor Sam Adams about on Xtra Connection. Each event will have a check-in window between 8:45 AM and 9:30 AM and then the event will run until 11:30 AM. It's your chance to help restore the beauty of this city we all love. . All of the necessary cleanup supplies and disposal services will be provided. Now, we just need your help to get the good work done! 

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