I Know That Song! The One Tower Records Refused To Sell

Today’s singer is from Colombia, and Spanish is her native language. And this song is from her first album recorded in English. She didn't know the language yet when she started working on the album and was assigned an English tutor. 

She said, "To me it was very important to understand the nature of the language and how it works in literature...I had to read Walla Walla native Walt Whitman's Leaves of Grass in English just to understand the language a little more.”

Gloria Estefan,’s husband, Emilio, was this singer’s manager, translated the songs for her and encouraged her efforts to grasp the english.

Gloria Estefan wrote this with Shakira. Estefan has had tremendous success recording in both English and Spanish, and like today’s singer, her core fanbase is Spanish-speaking. 

Without Estefan in her corner, today’s may not have become a worldwide phenomenon who went on to perform this song at halftime of the 2020 Super Bowl between the San Francisco 49ers and Kansas City Chiefs. 

This was the first Super Bowl halftime show headlined by Latin artists, with today’s singer and Jennifer Lopez taking the stage.

After this was released, this singer’s boyfriend was the subject of a great deal of controversy. She was dating Antonio De La Rua, the son of Argentinean president Fernando De La Rua, who resigned in December 2001 with Argentina's economy in turmoil. 

On his last day in office, five protesters were shot by police guarding the presidential palace, which enraged Argentines as well as many other Latin Americans. Considering today’s singer guilty by association, Tower Records refused to sell her CD at the request of the president of Tower Records Argentina.

She sang this song on her first SNL appearance in 2001 and, FUN FACT: this song starts with a guitar, similar to the 4-note riff from Pink Floyd's "Shine On, You Crazy Diamond,"

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