I Know That Song! Former Boy Bander Falls In Love...With A Fish?

Today’s song is not the first time this former boy bander has made a reference to fruit or strawberries: He has given us songs about kiwi and watermelon, and he continues his fruit references by mentioning a lemon over ice in this song. 

The line about walking in a 'rainbow paradise' has no doubt inspired a lot of fan theories, with the main assumption being that maybe he's referencing the LGBT flag - something which he often brings on stage with him during his concerts.

The marketing of the song began when a Twitter account with the user name "VisitEroda" began promoting the island Eroda, creating a website, posting photos, and answering questions from other Twitter users. 

The island was soon proven not to exist and shortly after, today’s singer announced that a new single, which has a word that when spelled backwards is “Eroda”, would be released soon.

In the video for today’s song, the inhabitants of this fictitious island of Eroda all have "resting fish faces” and no one smiles.

The townspeople are terrified of this singer’s smile which leaves him feeling like an outcast, but he stumbles across a small fish flapping on the rocks and quickly befriends the fish. 

The video is interspersed with scenes where they are seen sharing miniature sized tacos in a picnic or pints at the pub. Over the course of the clip, the fish rapidly grows larger in size. 

At the end of the video, the fish, startled by the sight of a fish market, bursts out of its tank, causing the residents to come together and help today’s singer return the fish back to the water. In the final scene, the townspeople smile magically with our guy, and he happily sails away from the isle.

Harry Styles...Adore You...IKTS!

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