I Know That Song! The One That's Either About John Mayer or Harry Styles

Today’s singer admitted to having gone into a relationship knowing it was the wrong thing to do. "I think that idea of love I hope for is that you learn a lesson and you don't have to learn it twice," she said. 

"But [today’s song] is about when I knowingly made the same mistake twice. I couldn't resist it ' there's that temptation to push yourself into a risky situation with someone who is going to hurt you, and that's what that song is about: not trusting your own instincts and ignoring all the red flags."

This song was rumored to be about her tumultuous split with John Mayer, but she cleared the air at the 2013 MTV VMA's when she turned her focus on another ex: One Direction's Harry Styles. 

Accepting her award for Best Female Video, she quipped: "I also want to thank the person who inspired this song because he knows exactly who he is, because now I've got one of these."

The cameras hovered on Styles and his smirking band mates.

Coming up, we’ll tell you what apparently Harry did, and with whom, to inspire today’s song in the first place.

According to one source, today’s singer wrote this song after seeing pics of Harry kissing model Emma Ostilly in New Zealand. 

She confirmed the song's inspiration when talking with The Sunday Times magazine about what some said was her raunchy performance of the song at The Brit Awards, which Styles also attended. 

She said: "You're balancing the analytical side of your brain which is telling you where to go and how to go there, with the other side of your brain, which is saying 'Feel everything you're singing, and show it on your face. Feel everything exactly as you felt it when you wrote the song'."

She was then asked how she felt performing the song knowing Styles was there, to which she replied: "Well, it's not hard to access that emotion when the person the song is directed at is standing by the side of the stage watching."

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