I Know That Song! The One That Brought Hugh Jackman To Tears

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Today’s singer and her 7-year-old daughter, Willow Sage Hart, teamed up to cover this song from "The Greatest Showman Reimagined" album, which is an all-star lineup covering that movie's soundtrack. 

Among the other artists on the album are Panic! at the Disco, who cover "The Greatest Show," Sara Bareilles sings "Tightrope" and Kesha and Missy Elliott will join forces for a remix of the Oscar-nominated "This is Me,"

Today’s rendition of the 2017 film's song, originally sung by Ziv Zaifman along with Hugh Jackman and Michelle Williams, strongly resembles the original, featuring a piano, guitar and orchestra. The biggest difference is the addition of today's singer and her dynamic vocals, which give the song an emotion-drenched pop feel.

The song is a tribute to the power of positive thinking and believing in your dreams. The singer is musing about a reality that is different from hers and comes from a movie based on the life of P. T. Barnum of Barnum & Bailey Circus fame. 

It has a message which is fueled by a desire to make people “smile” and makes the listener happy in imagining that as she invites others to partake of this dream with her.

Hugh Jackman revealed that he was ‘moved to tears’ when he first saw today’s singer and her daughter sing this song together. It’s easy to hear why (CLIP)

The singer gushed right back to Hugh when she said, “I grew up listening to Annie, and no one has done this for me, for my heart, since I was a little girl -- and to have her finally have something like this? You made our favorite movie ever!”

P!nk...A Million Dreams...I Know That Song

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