Ed Sheeran Overshares with James Cordon About Courteney Cox Friendship

Ed Sheeran kicked off his weeklong residency on the Late Late Show with his new song Bad Habits.

He also overshared about the bad habit he has every time he stays with friend Courteney Cox. She and Ed Sheeran have a close friendship since meeting in 2013 through mutual friends. 

During his appearance on James Corden’s The Late Late Show, Sheeran says he stays at Cox’s home when he travels to Los Angeles, and during a stay she bragged about her “Alexa” and how she can “order anything,” so when Cox leaves the room Ed orders a gimp mask. 

When the delivery arrived for Courteney it was her assistant that found it and quickly realized it wasn’t meant for her to see so she placed it on Courteney’s bed. “Now when I go back there, I order her another gimp mask. She has maybe, like, 12. I hide them in people’s bedrooms. So they’ll go in the drawer and find a leather S & M mask, ”Sheeran said with a laugh. “She had two people come and look at her piano to try and buy it, two absolute strangers going into her house that I found out about. So I left a couple of masks on the piano.”

Ed is performing all this week on The Late Late Show.

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