I Know That Song! The One About Being A Good Dad So Kids Will Want To Visit

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Born on the sofa of his childhood home, today’s singer entered the world in unusual surroundings. His parents' lived on a commune in Copenhagen. Running water, cars and personal toilets were considered luxuries. 

That is not your run of the mill starting point for a record breaking pop star, but with lyrical references to "at eleven smoking herb and drinking burning liquor" that commune had a big part to play in one of the most ridiculously popular songs of the last ten years.

He told the Rolling Stone: "People treated me differently because I came from [that commune]. Teachers would blame me for things because of where I came from…’

So at the age of eight he sought sanctuary as a soprano soloist in the Copenhagen Boys' Choir and credits his vocal skills for saving him from being thrown out of school.

But it wasn’t classical music that really gave him his true voice, it was hip hop as that style became a way for him to communicate the outsider feelings he had growing up.. So at age 12, he began writing raps.

Once high school was behind him and at the start of his twenties, he flew around the world to Buenes Aires, learned Spanish, drank wine and found his calling. He began to write songs and that led to today’s song, which was nominated for three Grammy Awards: Record of the Year, Song of the Year, and Best Pop Duo/Group Performance. It was also the seventh best-selling song of 2016 worldwide!

The lyrics touch on this singer’s upbringing when at the age of 12, he lost his father. He says, "The song's basically just about becoming a good father, and being such a good father that your children would want to come and visit you when you're an old, boring man," he said. "I had a really, really cool father, so that's what I wanna be too."

To bring that warm memory to life throughout the song, the sound of a film projector comes in during the quiet parts of this song, including the intro. This gives it a nostalgic feel as if watching home movies.

Lukas Graham...7 Years...K103’s I Know That Song

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