I Know That Song! The First Number #1 of The Millennium

Keep track of the songs all week to figure out the common theme. If you can name it Friday you can win Free Lunch at Jersey Mikes.

Today’s song was originally recorded by French singer Ophélie Winter as Ce Quis Je Suis in 1998 (CLIP)

The direct translation had the lyrics: “what a girl needs, what a girl wants”. Producers felt that the lyrics worked better (and rhymed) with the words swapped around; with that adjustment, the song was then recorded by today’s singer for her debut album. 

This version was a commercial success for today’s former Mouseketeer, topping the chart in America, and not just any old chart – it was the first #1 song of the millennium! 

When this song was written, today’s singer was best known for her early 90’s work on The Mickey Mouse Club. In 1998, she recorded "Reflection" from the film Mulan, which was released as her “first” un-offical single, and she then signed a deal with RCA Records, which gave her access to the top songwriters and producers in pop music.

Some felt that her actual debut single, "Genie In A Bottle" was a little age-inappropriate (she was just 18), but that song went to #1 and set her on a path to stardom. Today’s song was a number one follow-up, and yet another song from the album, "Come On Over Baby (All I Want Is You)," gave her three #1 hits from her debut.

This song was not chosen by today’s artist, but instead the choice was made by her record label, RCA. The singer herself had little control over the entire project, and a marketing study indicated that she would have better success as a "teen idol" so in an effort to maintain and grow that persona, songs were chosen and recorded under the basis that she would become the next pop phenomenon.

Christina Aguilara...What a GIRL Wants...On K103’s I Know That Song!

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