I Know That Song! The One Recorded in Just One Take

Tomorrow at 7:10a someone is winning free lunch from Jersey Mikes after naming this week's theme. Have you guessed it yet? Here's the fourth song in the theme:

Sometimes, the meaning behind a lyric can make the connection to a song even stronger. It lets you know that the singer-songwriter is someone you can relate to, and has gone through things you have. This is one of those songs for many people.

The big hits for her “She’s So Unusual” album were all written and recorded. All Through The Night, She Bop and of course Girls Just Want To Have Fun. Stellar songs that have made her the legend she is today. But producers felt the album was incomplete and asked her and her team to write one more.

While in the studio, she spotted a TV Guide advertising a science fiction film, starring Malcolm Mcdowell and Mary Steenburgen and it sparked an idea for the song title. The rest of the song came shortly afterward.

She felt the song was a response to a lover who was “lost,” and who needed help. She expresses her sympathy for an ex-lover, and doesn’t want to move forward without him by her side. 

The recording you hear of today’s song is raw and the first time the song was ever recorded, which is pretty rare. Today’s singer’s tones are perfect and you can enjoy it almost as if it is in real time. 

That puts her in solid company of other ONE TAKE WONDERS like “Twist and Shout” by the Beatles and Whitney Houston’s “How Will I Know”

The song eventually became her FIRST number 1 hit in the United States and earned her a Grammy nomination!

Cyndi Lauper...Time After Time...on K103’s I Know That Song

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