The Most Dangerous Christmas Toy This Year

The days of lawn darts might be long gone, but there are still plenty of dangerous toys you can give your kids for Christmas. Can you guess what the MOST dangerous one is?

SCOOTERS . . . like the ones made by the brand Razor . . . have caused over 190,000 injuries since 2016. To kids and adults.

A little fella in our neighborhood took a spill on our corner and almost lost a toe. Which brings me to warning #1. If you do get your child one, make sure they only have secure shoes on- nothing open toed. And make sure you wrap up a helmet, gloves and even some knee guards. And if they can read it's a great idea to have THEM read the manual themselves.

Balls were second most dangerous at 108,000 injuries. That includes footballs, baseballs, and every other type of ball. So the fact that scooters have racked up almost twice as many victims is pretty impressive.

Wishing you and your kiddos a safe and happy holiday!

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