De Clutter Your Way to Serenity - 5 Things To Toss Now

We're officially one week into the New Year. (Happy New Years btw) Here's a list of five household things you should toss to start 2022 off right . . .According to Martha Stewart.

1. Old documents. Stuff like super old tax documents and bank and credit card statements can all be shredded. It's also a good time to toss old takeout menus, junk mail, and expired coupons. If you want to hold onto something, you can always scan it and store it in the cloud with Dropbox or Google Drive.

2. Damaged kitchenware. Stuff like Tupperware that's stained or missing its lid . . . chipped drinking glasses . . . or a pan that has just a few too many scratches.

3. Expired fridge and pantry items. The beginning of a new year is a good time to go through your fridge and pantry, because anything with an expiration date in 2021 can be tossed.

4. Clothes you don't wear. Or stuff that's worn out, doesn't fit, or was a gift but never used.

5. Junk drawer items. Go through them and toss any pens that don't write, dead or expired batteries, empty tape dispensers, out-of-date phone chargers, and other unusable items.

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