Stacey and Mike's Happy News: Single Mom Gets Huge Surprise Tip

When Chelsea Bell clocked in for her bartending shift she didn't expect the good fortune that would come her way later that day.

Chelsea recalled "two random girls" she'd never seen coming into the bar on Tuesday. She said that one of the women "ordered the whole house a round," with the tab rounding up to $179.

What Chelsea thought was a normal transaction turned out to be something completely different. The woman tipped Bell $1,000. When Bell went to retrieve the receipt later, she saw that the woman had ultimately left a tip of $4,000.

"I didn't believe it until it went through the credit card machine, I still didn't believe it until it hit the bank," said Bell, shocked at the discovery,

The tip had more impact than the giver could've known. Chelsea is a single mother whose son is going to Texas A&M in the fall and received a scholarship but that wasn’t enough to cover everything.

Apparently the tip-giver had received an inheritance and wanted to tithe it to a stranger.

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