Stacey & Mike's Happy News: The 16 yo Who's Mastered Over 100 Instruments!

Thanks to Susan in Beaverton for sharing this inspiring story with us today!

Neil Nayyar doesn't just play guitar and drums, he's mastering instruments from around the world. His parents said they listened to Mozart every day when they found out they were pregnant. But they never could have predicted his talents to go this far.

The 16-year-old now owns 117 musical instruments and can play them all flawlessly.

And there is no stopping Neil. Next month, his first music album comes out and he's even written a children's book that highlights the more than 100 instruments he can play.

He hopes his dedication and can-do attitude will inspire young people to chase their dreams. 

Next up for Neil is Grammy Camp where he will spend a week in Los Angeles with other talented teens who will get to learn from the best in the music industry.

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