Stacey & Mike's Happy News: 100 Million Meals For Families Fleeing Ukraine

Thank you to Dana in Vancouver for sending us the wonderful story.

Because so many families fled to Poland after the Russian invasion of Ukraine, World Central Kitchen built up their efforts where needed most by setting up ‘cafes’ at border crossings so people can sit down and relax while enjoying meals.

As refugees went on to other parts of the country, either settling in Warsaw or Krakow, or heading farther west, the charity set up multiple distribution points at bus and train stations to meet people with a comforting plate or travel bag during their long journeys.

World Central Kitchen Chef José Andrés says that the group has now delivered 100 million meals to help the people of the Ukraine, who continue to suffer as a result of the Russian invasion. 

When possible, the team has also been delivering pet food to people caring for animals. Food donations for animals and staff at the main animal shelter and largest veterinary clinic are still coming through the World Central Kitchen’s distribution network of more than 4,300 brave Food Fighters who work tirelessly to ensure anyone in need is met with a hot meal.

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