Stacey and Mike's Happy News: Kayaker Rescued Just In Time

All that Davey Wright of Port St. Lucie, Florida, wanted was to take his kayak out to do some fishing and clear his head. The retired Airborne Ranger had been caring for his father who has dementia and wanted to get out and clear his head. He never expected that a simple fishing trip would turn into a desperate fight for his life. 

Davey says things were going well, he "caught a lot of fish." And had stopped on an island to rest and let some kids nearby play on the kayak."

 "I don’t know if it got damaged at that point. But it was getting late — so I decided to head back home."

Wright said he knew he had "about a 3 ½ hr paddle back. An hour in it was pitch black and the kayak started taking in water, Davey says “It just sunk like a rock."  

After an hour of treading water, he was running out of energy and didn’t know where he was. He said that at that point, "I just wanted to close my eyes and go to sleep. I felt delirious. Luckily boater Tom Korinek was out that night and heard Wright yelling for help.  

Davey had treaded water and yelled for so long he didn’t think anyone was going to find him. 

The two met up days later and Tom says they spent a whole day and night together reminiscing about what had happened and "had the idea of starting a business together, where we teach people what to do if you get stranded or caught in bad situations." 

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