Stacey & Mike's Happy News: Son Raises $100k To Cover Mom's Medical Bills

There’s still plenty of heart left in America’s Heartland…and they proved it last week in Indiana.  

During a 4-H Livestock Auction at a county fair, bidding on Hudson Duttlinger’s 300-pound hog broke all records. This champion brought in a show-stopping, jaw-dropping $340 per pound.  

Do the math…that’s over $100,000. Why? Hudson’s mother, Ashlee, has been battling cancer and at only 38 years old and the family is struggling with medical expenses.  

The community came together to support the family in a big way. Ashlee was able to watch the auction on the livestream…an emotional experience for sure.

Thank you to Gerald in Beaverton to sending us today's Happy News. If you have some to share please do!

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